Odyssey Expands Triple Track Putter Line

TRIPLE-TRACK-SEVEN-DOUBLE-BEND-FACE-590x480One Liner: Callaway’s Odyssey putter division has added the popular #7 head shape to the Triple Track lineup.

Fast Facts:
#7 head shape with triple alignment lines
Graphite/steel shaft
Stroke Lab weighting
Microhinge face insert
$250 in shops June 4

The Odyssey #7 shape putter head has gained acceptance and is being used by several players on the professional tours and now joins the other seven models in the Stroke Lab Triple Track family.

Stroke Lab refers to the reweighting of the putter through the use of a graphite/steel shaft and shaft plug that relocates putter weight to the head and grip end to aid stroke tempo. The Triple Track alignment lines were first seen on Callaway golf balls and make use of the Vernier Hyper Acuity principle with three lines (two blue flanking one red) to improve alignment. The familiar Microhinge insert has a slightly firmer feel than the White Hot version but with the same flexing/unflexing of tiny hinges to improve the roll and distance control of the ball.

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