Lateral Line instead of Belly or Broomstick

LATERAL LINE LLC L2 PUTTERJohn Ambrose, president and club designer at Lateral Line Putter says players should be open to “try something different” now that the USGA and R&A have banned the use of anchored putting strokes.

Lateral Lines L2 Traditional model will, according to Ambrose, give golfers who putted with the butt end of the grip anchored the ability to stabilize their strokes without using the non-conforming stroke.

“This big putter will do for putting what the big headed drivers did for driving,” said Ambrose.

Typically most putter heads are about 5-inches long and usually weigh less than 380 grams. The L2 Traditional putter head is 6¼-inches long and 60 per cent heavier, weighing in at 615 grams.

This tremendous amount of weight means there is a 3-inch wide sweet spot and gives the head the highest moment of inertia (MOI-twisting resistance) of any club made. The high MOI keeps the face square and combined with the very large sweet spot allows a larger backstroke to be made with solid ball contact and natural release thanks to the momentum the L2 generates.

“Performance was our priority not just looks and feel. Technology and physics created the L2 design,” says Ambrose. “The research pointed to a big heavy putter design, along with pendulum stroke technology, as the key to success on the green.” All of our research has always revolved around Pendulum technology, which means tempo, mechanics, momentum and repeatability, he adds. “This means distance control based on stroke size and not muscle power,” says Ambrose. “The objective is to reduce club manipulation, which translates into less muscle use and less tension.”

The L2 has two alignment marks on top with a flat sole design, a hollow head design and polymer face insert. The L2 grip is 16 inches long, 1-inch square and weighs 290 grams creating an immense overall club MOI to enhance a pendulum stroke.

“The USGA made anchor putting non-conforming only after golfers began to see the advantage of eliminating the hinging hands, but the L2 Traditional Putter gives you this advantage and much more. This club is designed to help golfers make putts, not just to sell to golfers who putt,” said Ambrose.

Retail for the L2 Traditional Putter is $139.00. Find out more at

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