Proper fitting for your belly putter

TaylorMade Putter Fitting ToolTaylorMade Golf thinks belly putters are here to stay so they have made available to on and off-course retailers a telescoping shaft fitting tool to properly fit these longer-than-standard flat sticks.  

“As this category continues to emerge, we wanted to provide consumers with a highly visible device at retail that would bring awareness to the importance of properly fit belly putters,” said Michael Fox, global product category manager for putters and wedges. “Even a half-inch of missing or excess length will impact performance.” 

TaylorMade’s belly putter fitting tool adjusts with a range of 7″ corresponding to putter lengths from 39 to 46 with a continuous-flow telescoping shaft with ¼ markings. There shaft locks so various putter lengths may be tested.  

Fox added, “We expect that belly putters will account for more than 10 percent of TaylorMade’s putter purchases over the next year, and we want to make sure those who purchase them are getting the right fit. Our tool is designed to precisely determine the proper length of belly putter for a given player, which depends on several variables including the player’s height, build and posture.” 

The shaft system allows TaylorMade to build the tool to a weight and flex consistent with that of a fully assembled belly putter. This consistency provides proper feel through the fitting process and can allow golfers to putt normally with the tool while testing different shaft lengths and positions. The tool’s grip includes reference markings at 15″, 17″ and 21″ for finding correct club and grip length.

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