Honma TW-W21 Wedge

HonmaTW-W21_C56webTwo years after the well-received TW-W4 model wedges, Honma Golf has announced their successor the T//World W21 (TW-W21) in a wide range of sole grinds and bounces for a variety of course conditions.

Fast Facts Honma TW-W21 Wedge
CNC milled mild steel face
Aluminum back inserts
Reverse taper blade
Co-designed graphite shaft
Three sole grinds (I, C, S)
Seven lofts (48°, 50°, 52°, 54°, 56°, 58°, 60°)
Stock shafts: Vizard, IB-105, Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 115
Available now at retail $149.99

Hitting quality wedge shots can be made much easier with the proper shaping of the head including the sole, the location of the center of gravity and the groove pattern. Honma with the new TW-W21 wedges touches all the bases such as making sure the CG is in the correct place by using aluminum panels in the rear of the head to shift weight placement efficiently.

The standard grind for the lower lofts (48° to 54°) is Honma’s I-Sole profile which has some relief, i.e., less material, across the trailing edge to allow the club to slip more easily through the turf. The higher lofts have a C-grind with a flatter sole and lots of heel and toe relief which helps when the blade is laid in an extremely open position as when hitting a flop shot. There is also a S-grind available in the 58° and 60° lofts with a wider sole that is helpful in sand play.

“As much as our previous wedge line set high standards in performance and economic use of weight distribution, the new TW-W21 wedge line continues that tradition while giving golfers innovative, personalized loft, lie and grind characteristics that empower them to play full shots and shots around the green with confidence and control,” said Janeann Lanning, COO of Honma, North America. “Honma’s newest and most versatile wedge line puts improved short game creativity and reliable spin and distance control in the hands of discerning golfers.”

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