True Linkswear All Day Knit 3 Golf Shoes

TrueADK3For almost 15 years True Linkswear has been making comfortable performance-enhancing golf shoes and their latest the True All Day Knit 3 is a great example of how having the proper shoe is a positive for your game.

Fast Facts True Linkswear All Day Knit 3 Golf Shoes
One-piece knit breathable upper
Sock-fit bootie
Antimicrobial insole
Lightweight 9.1 oz
Performance design spikeless outsole
Four color choices: Deep Sea, Legend, Onyx, Nimbus
$160 pair

As the name implies the All Day Knit 3 golf shoe is perfect on or off the course…all day. The sole has lots of grip for any situation while playing but is also wearable to the office or store.

We like the knit one-piece upper that has some stretch for both comfort and fit since it is 90% polyester and 10% Spandex, but at the same time makes it ideal for warm weather with light weight and breathability.

Walking in the All Day Knit 3 is easy, soon you forget they are performance golf shoes and since there is less heel height each stride is more natural. The upper is not rated as waterproof though it is treated with a hydrophobic coating to make them water resistant.

“The All Day Knit has been our most loved and purchased shoe to date and it’s now reinvigorated with an all-new look and feel,” says TRUE CEO Jason Moore. “The Knit 3 started with the basics we all love about the All Day Knit family, then we made it even more comfortable and capable than ever.”

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