Bushnell Launch Pro

BushnellLaunchProBushnell has introduced the new Launch Pro launch monitor that tracks the ball using three high resolution cameras with infrared which allows use indoors or outdoors for capturing swing data. Foresight simulation packages are available.

Fast Facts Bushnell Launch Pro Launch Monitor
LCD Touch screen
Five plus hours battery life
Eight ball data points measured
Wi-Fi, ethernet, USB-C connectivity
14-day Trial Gold Simulation Package

Anyone serious about their golf game must know the “numbers” their swing produces, and a launch monitor is a must. Bushnell’s Launch Pro does that with a high-resolution system of three cameras rather than radar detection of the ball.

The data points provided include ball speed, carry distance, spin rate, spin axis, and launch angle (horizontal & vertical). The Launch Pro can be upgraded to also include club data for an additional $1,500 at the time of registration.

Foresight Sports software packages can be purchased, and the Launch Pro can then be used as the basis for a home simulator for virtual golf. The Gold software subscription, which costs $499 per year, provides FSX Play, FSX Pro, FSX Subscription, and 25 different virtual golf courses. A 14-day free trial is provided with every purchase.

Jason Seeman, Global Director of Sales at Bushnell Golf said, “Launch monitors have become a vital part of the game of golf, and this update to the Launch Pro will help us satisfy the demands of consumers,” Co-President at Foresight Sports Jon Watters added. “Now more than ever, golfers are looking for ways to improve their game when they cannot make it out to the course, and we are proud to deliver a personal launch monitor that provides golfers with an exceptional playing experience—both indoors and outdoors.”

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