The Breeze is a breeze

The hand held GPS field is crowded but one of the companies with consistently high ranked devices has introduced a new one aimed squarely at the competition. SkyGolf has brought out the SkyCaddie Breeze which boasts simplicity of use and the lowest price of any of their models.SkyCaddie Breeze

Even at a price point of $229.95 the Breeze is, well…a breeze to use. It comes with courses already loaded and using it is hands-free. The display is a generous 3” display so front, back and center of the green yardages may read even in the sun.

“The new Breeze addresses the needs of a large segment of golfers who are looking for simplicity and accuracy at a price unmatched in the industry,” according to SkyGolf CEO Richard Edmonson. “Even more exciting is the Breeze is also upgradable to provide many other game saving course features and applications that help golfers play even better as their needs and their games grow. This will enable Breeze owners to customize their SkyCaddie to meet their unique needs as golfers without buying a new device or buy features they would not use.”

The course being played is loaded automatically and the Breeze also advances automatically from hole to hole. There is a trade-in program for previous model SkyCaddies and Breeze upgrade packages include SkyGolf’s HoleVue, IntelliGreen, RangeVue and PinPoint plus optional packs and membership choices.

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