Butch Harmon About Golf

Lessons from Phil, Ernie, Greg, Tiger, Seve, and Freddie’s teacher

Butch Harmon is certainly well known as a golf instructor with arguably his most famous pupil being Tiger Woods before Woods moved to another teacher. At the PGA Merchandise Show in January Harmon’s latest instructional 2-DVD set was introduced and those who had a chance to review it were enthusiastic as to its content and presentation.

In the ensuing time I’ve had the time to view the four hours of instruction contained in 57 chapters (some more than once) and then to be able to apply his instruction to my own game. Stating the obvious, it’s evident Harmon not only has a deep understanding of the swing’s fundamentals but that he is a fine communicator as well.

Harmon is quoted as saying, “Over the past 40+ years I have been blessed to work with some of the greatest players in the game: Phil, Ernie, Greg, Tiger, Seve, Freddie, and several up and coming players, such as Adam, Nick, and Dustin, who are destined to carve their names in the golf record books.”

“Obviously I am proud to have been associated with them and to have contributed in some small way to their success. But their accomplishments are only part of the overall picture of the scores of everyday players, from all walks of life who have left the practice tee after working with me, that feel that their game has been improved. For everyone that has worked with me there are thousands of golfers that I will never have a chance to try and help.”

“With that thought in mind, I decided to commence work on the filming of a DVD that would share a lifetime of golf knowledge with the public that would cover: the fundamentals, identifying faults and the fixes, specialty shots, short game, sand play, putting, club selection, kids, under and over 13, women, seniors and physical fitness (by the way, I do practice what I preach as I have recently lost 35 lbs.).

He does look a lot trimmer than in recent years but more importantly he shows how the grip, setup, alignment and swing all work together to produce quality golf shots. Our games will never challenge the elite players but learning from Harmon’s DVDs means more solid shots, improved results and more fun playing a game we love.

The “Butch Harmon About Golf presented by Titleist” DVD set is sponsored by Titleist, Winn Grips, Rolex, Golf Digest and JMA and will be available for $79.95 on-line at www.butchharmondvd.com.

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  1. Hari

    I thought the cmmoercial was interesting on several levels.For Tiger, it certainly emphasized his commitment to returning to his Buddhist philosophy. The retrospection and the communication with his deceased father. So some will say this confirms his promise to work on his personal issues. If you put any credence to the internet traffic about how Elin viewed the ad, it was not so positive. Some reports indicate that she was already upset at his early return to golf and was not happy with the ad. It may be the event that pushes her toward filing for divorce. So time will only tell whether this was a good move for Tiger personally.For Nike, it has certainly generated a lot of buzz. Some say that imitation is the highest form of compliment. If so, Nike definitely has a lot of compliments. Internet tracking firms are reporting that there are more than a million more views of parodies of the ad than the ad itself. So from a memorable marketing ad it clearly was successful. The second part, however, is Nike’s image better or worse now than before the ad? For me personally, it is worse for two reasons. First, if it is true that Elin was not happy about this ad, and thought it was in poor taste, then to me that shows that Nike was only concerned about rebuilding Tiger’s and Nike’s image and not helping him truly restore his relationship with his family. Second, the ad came across very new age to me and so left a bad taste in my mouth for Nike as pushing an agenda that I don’t believe in.I recognize I may be in the minority so again, time will only tell if this was a good marketing move for Nike.


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