adidas Golf puremotion Spikeless Footwear

adidas Golf says they were inspired by the idea of training without shoes and since for the past few years have been making their premium shoes with thinner soles and insoles to get the wearer as close as possible to the turf there seemed to be a naturaloutcome…the puremotion spikless golf shoe. adidas puremotion spikeless shoe

Combined with increased flexibility and comfort, traction,lightweight support, waterproof protection and freedom of movement the new puremotion makes a good alternative to traditionalshoes. 

“With puremotion, golfers at anylevelwillget the best of both worlds,” says BillPrice, VP adidas Golf GlobalFootwear. “It gives you naturalmotion and stability without restriction. It’s a shoe that forces you to find your own balance and tempo while improving your awareness of the ground and how it relates to your swing.” 

Weighing in at 11.5 ounces, puremotion islight. An anti-wicking mesh upper provides both breathability and waterproof protection while an abrasion-resistant outsole provides spikeless traction, comfort and the possibility of off-course wear. Built on a barefootlast, puremotion’s unique oblique web-shaped forefoot allows the toes to naturally spread out during the swing to promote better stability and increased flexibility. There is also a reduced heellift which helps to align the spine with the body and improve posture. In stores now at $109.95.

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