A Travel Bag So Good, It’s Scary

The Ogio Monster

Have you seen the FedEx commercials where they encourage you to ship your golf clubs rather than take them on an airplane with you?  It says a lot about the cost and hassle of traveling with clubs when you see marketers throwing messages like that at you.  As tempting as it is to let FedEx handle it, though, I’m the kind of person who wants my clubs with me.  What if they get to Scotland and I’m delayed somewhere?  No, my clubs stay with me.  And because I know they’re going to get the snot beaten out of them by the airline baggage people, I want them protected as much as possible.  Baggage handlers are beasts.  But I’ve got a Monster.



The Ogio Monster golf travel bag offers just about everything you could ask for in a travel bag.  It’s sturdy, tough, easy to move around, and has room for just about everything you want to bring on a golf trip.  I took mine recently on a trip south and it proved how well it was designed on a daily basis.  The Ogio people know bags – they make everything from small backpacks to large travel bags.  And they must have a few golfers in the company, too, because this travel bag is way above par (something that’s okay if you’re a bag).

The Monster takes good care of your clubs, with a large, padded compartment that helps protect delicate graphite shafts and expensive titanium heads from Visigoth baggage guys.  There are external pockets on each side that are each large enough to hold a pair of shoes.  And there are two more accessory pockets inside the bag.  I’m able to fit my clubs, two pair of shoes, a rain suit, a few golf hats, and two dozen balls into the Monster easily – and without violating any airline baggage weight restrictions.

The Monster moves smoothly, too.  It features oversized hard nylon wheels that roll well – even over uneven ground.  And when you’re going through that delightful line at the airline counter, the Monster stands up and behaves.  It can even roll in a standing position.  And while they don’t say that it’s waterproof, I can tell you that mine went through some deluges and neither my shoes nor my clubs got wet.

The Monster retails for around $229 and it’s worth every penny.  It’s the Godzilla of travel bags.

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