Mickelson’s Odyssey putter is a new kind of oldie

If Phil Mickelson’s Odyssey PT82 put­ter looks familiar, here’s why:  The putter basically is a copy of a classic 8802 putter Lefty used for years.

“I won the PGA in 2005 with this putter essentially,” Mickelson said at this week’s WGC Cadillac Championship at Doral. “Roger Cleveland made a copy for me way back then and has made probably 10 or 12 for me that I have at my house.

Phil Mickelson's Odyssey PT82 putter

“This one has the White Hot XG insert.  I like the sound of that. The one that I used in 2005 to win the PGA did not.  It was just a medal blade.”

The putter has three degrees of loft instead of the five degrees that Mickelson has been playing with in previous years. Less loft, Mickelson said, helps him reduce the forward press on his putts.

“I found that I had a little bit too much loft and I was putting my hands so far forward trying to hit the sweet spot, because I was hitting them thin and not giving it a great roll,” he said. “And by going to a little bit less loft, my hands can go back and I’m hitting the sweet spot again.”


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