Callaway debuts adjustable Odyssey Flip Face putters

Callaway Golf announced the availability on April 13 of its new Odyssey Flip Face line of adjustable putters.

The putter, which debuted at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in January, features a patented system that lets golfers easily and quickly switch the face insert between a new Metal-X and the popular White Ice insert. The concept is that the two-sided putter face will let players adjust the flat stick for feel, speed, and roll characteristics based on courses and weather conditions.

“The Flip Face — with both a Metal-X and White Ice Insert — offers golfers a considerable advantage to dial in their game with a simple adjustment made before the round begins,” Austie Rollinson, Odyssey Golf’s principal designer.

The Flip Face, which conforms to golf’s governing bodies’ standards as long as players choose desired inserts prior to their rounds, features a satin chrome finish and will be available in three models:

  • #1 — a rounded, heel-toe weighted blade putter with a crank-neck hosel and full-shaft offset
  • #5 — a rounded mallet putter with a single bend shaft and full-shaft offset
  • #9 — a toe-weighted, heel-shafted, flanged blade putter with a long hosel and half-shaft offset

Callaway staff player Stuart Appleby, who put the #5 model into play earlier this season.

“I really like the look of the Flip Face, and it reminds me of the license plates on James Bond’s car that used to flip around,” Appleby said. “I love that firm feel [of the Metal-X insert], but it’s nice having the option to switch to the White Ice insert if you want to.”

The Metal-X insert offers a lightweight aluminum face in front of a urethane backer layer, which provides the “crisp” sound of a metal striking surface with a softer feel, according to Callaway. It is designed to create more friction for a lower launch with optimum topspin, reduced skidding, and a true roll.

The multi-layer White Ice insert enhances sound, responsiveness, and consistency, says the company. The insert’s inner core is firmer and stiffer to improve feel, resiliency, and distance control. Odyssey has also roughened the insert’s face surface to boost friction with softer golf balls.

Each Flip Face putter comes standard with a Lamkin 3Gen Pistol Grip and will retail for $349.


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