Energy Athletic Golf shirts debut with a techno difference

Paul Azinger wears the new Energy Athletic Golf shirt collection

Breathable, lightweight fabrics in golf apparel have become standard equipment for players these days. Now Performance Sports Brands is taking it a step farther with Energy Athletic Golf, which it says is the first golf apparel that provides a “true technological and competitive advantage.”

The  IonX Ionized Energy Fabric, the company says, features a negatively charged, electromagnetic field embedded into its structure. The intelligent fabric stimulates the delivery of oxygen to the muscles through the bloodstream and brain, which is designed to provide golfers with increased energy, strength, focus and accelerated recovery.

In other words it’s the same basic concept as magnetic bracelets or necklaces. According to the company, the new line of short- and long-sleeved shirts provides more than 400 times the amount of surface coverage as necklaces and bracelets on the market, resulting in a completely new and effective way to help energize and benefit a golfer during each round they play.

Whether or not you believe in magnets, the shirts are lightweight, whisk away moisture well and hang well when worn. Former PGA Champion Paul Azinger has signed to wear Energy Athletic Golf and appear in the company’s commercials.

New Performance says the negative ions present within the fabric of each Energy Athletic Golf  allow for faster recovery time between shots, granting golfers the ability to maintain their power throughout an 18-hole round.

“Wearing Energy Athletic Golf allows the athlete to sustain a workout for a greater period of time, and then have a much more rapid recovery time,” said Dr. Al Ouimet, PhD. of Polymer Chemistry and Chief Scientist for Energy Athletic Golf. Ouimet was the lead scientist on the team that created the Fastskin Swimsuits for Speedo. “Golfers will feel less sore due to a reduction of lactic acid in the muscles, and will enjoy a feeling of wellbeing due to the negative or ‘happy’ ions in the Energy shirts. Based on studies, I believe golfers wearing these shirts will be able to enjoy increased power or energy output and speed, feel better and sustain their energy levels for the entire 18 holes.”

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