Going The (Extra) 20 Yards

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The Extra 20 Yards works with golfers' swing muscles

said before, I’m not a big believer in golf gadgets, especially those that claim to help you gain extra distance. I’m making an exception with The Extra 20 Yards, a golf-specific home gym designed to build strength, increase swing speed and lead to more distance.

Notice the phrase,”lead to more distance.” You still have to work at it, but if you take a few minutes three or four days per week, The Extra 20 Yards, just like any other piece of weight resistance apparatus, can make you stronger if you perform the routines correctly.

After a successful launch in Europe last year, The Extra 20 Yards has finally made its debut in the U.S. market with a suggested retail price of $365 plus $30 shipping.

The Extra 20 yards is the brainchild of Scotsman Graeme Alexander, a single-digit handicap who grew tired of watching professionals hot the ball out of sight.

“I told myself that I was going to give a run for their money,” Alexander said.

Thus The Extra 20 Yards was born.  The apparatus is really quite simple. It features a weight-pulley device that mimics the golf swing and engages all the important swing muscles.

“That’s all its designed to do,” Alexander said. “It doesn’t work any other muscles except those involved in the golf swing.”

The apparatus consists of a swivel pulley set at the correct swing plane angle for both right and left-handed use;  a weight stack comprised of 4.4-pounds plates calibrated to build golf muscles without losing flexibility; and a golf grip attached to a cable to pull the weights that builds muscle memory in your hands and arms to ensure the right technique, helping to groove the correct kinematic muscle sequence.

By developing the golf-specific muscles that create the downswing force,  Alexander said, golfers will increase their swing speed and hit the ball farther. Beats an hour every day at the gym.

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