New Adams Golf Idea a12 hybrids feature Velocity Slot Technology

New Idea a12 OS Irons from Adams Golf

Adams Golf (justifiably) has become the category leader in hybrid iron technology. The Plano, Texas, based company continues that leadership with the new Idea a12 OS Irons.  The company says each a12 OS iron feature deep undercut cavity-back irons, redesigned Transitional Hybrids and hybrids utilizing Velocity Slot Technology for the first time.

Velocity Slot Technology, according to Adams Golf, produces a spring-like effect across the entire face, which improves forgiveness and increases launch angle without increasing spin for increased distance. VS Technology is what makes Adams Golf F11 fairway woods so hot off the club face and among the best fairway woods on the market.

The redesigned Transitional Hybrids with a “Truss Back” design allow more weight to be distributed to the perimeter of the club lowering the center of gravity, which Adams Golf says make them optimally suited for bridging the gap between the hybrids and the deep undercut cavity-back irons of the set.

“Engineers have long been trying to increase launch angle and ball speed without increasing spin rate with little success,” said Michael Vrska, Director of Product Development at Adams Golf. “However, the spring-like effect produced across the entire face by the Velocity Slot Technology does just that, giving golfers increased distance, optimized launch and improved forgiveness.”

The standard men’s and senior sets are composed of three hybrids (4, 5, 6) featuring Velocity Slot Technology, two Transitional Hybrids (7, 8) with the “truss back” design, and three deep undercut cavity-back irons (9, PW, GW).  The Idea a12 OS carries a suggested retail price of 699.99 (steel) and $799.99 (graphite). The set can be tailored to a specific player’s needs by adding additional hybrids (2, 3, 7), transitional hybrids (5, 6), or irons (SW, LW) through custom order.