Titleist Players Collection line of stand bags features lightweight designs

The Acushnet Company says the new Titleist Players Collection line of stand bags features lightweight designs with advanced stand and strap systems and combines proprietary engineering with premium materials to deliver innovation and performance.


The Titleist Players Collection includes the Players 4, Players 5 and Players 14 stand bag models, identified by organizational preference in 4-way, 5-way and 14-way top-cuff configurations. A Players 5 StaDry model is also available for golfers seeking waterproof protection.

Acushnet says each of the four models in the Players Collection features:

• New performance stand system engineered for superior stability
• Double-to-single convertible strap system with quick-release buckles
• Premium cushioning foam strap for ease of use and comfort
• A protective and waterproof valuables pocket


• Players 4 – The lightest bag in the collection, the Players 4 promotes durable and lightweight engineering for the dedicated golfer, with a 4-way top-cuff. Available in twelve color combinations. ($195 MSRP)

• Players 5 – With an optimal blend of organization and lightweight engineering, the new Players 5 provides a combination of comfort and structure with its 5-way top cuff. Available in nine color combinations. ($220 MSRP)

• Players 5 StaDry – The Players 5 StaDry offers the same performance features as the Players 5 but with advanced StaDry waterproof technology, featuring a high performance waterproof seam-sealed construction. Available in four color combinations. ($255 MSRP)

• Players 14 – The new Players 14 stand bag delivers organization, storage and performance through a lightweight engineered design with a full-length divider for maximum club protection and a 3-way handle surrounding the 14-way top-cuff. Available in seven color combinations. ($235 MSRP)

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