Titleist’s new 910 D2 12-degree driver now in stores

Titleist's 910 D2 driver

Titleist’s long-awaited 910 D2 driver with 12 degrees of loft is now available in stores. That’s good news for those players who have always wanted to play a Titleist driver but whose ball speed couldn’t match up to lofts of 10.5 degrees of less. For years equipment manufacturers have touted the advantages of higher lofted drivers but rarely offered (or marketed) anything above 10.5. Given the equity and visibility of the Titleist name, higher lofted drivers could catch on with more players.

The basis for integrating a loft of 12 degrees into the design of the new 910D2 driver head, said said Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs, was established after testing revealed that significantly greater carry distance for ball speeds of 130 mph and lower are achieved with 12 degrees of loft, but also, that carry distance gains become negligible for this target player range as loft exceeds 13 degrees.  With Titleist’s SureFit Tour dual-angle hosel hosel, Pelisek said the 910D2 12 degree head (suggested retail price $499) can be adjusted down to 11.25 degrees and up to 13.5 degrees, ideally accommodating the particular launch variations across the entire range of the 110-130 mph swing speed group. In other words, a wider range of golfers.