Callaway Golf debuts new RAZR Fit line of metal woods

Callaway's new RAZR Fit driver

Callaway Golf Company’s much-anticipated RAZR Fit driver and fairway woods will be available beginning Feb. 17. The RAZR Fit is the follow-up to the company’s RAZR Hawk driver, which was probably the best driver Callaway has produced in several years.

Callaway’s RAZR Fit line of woods feature an adjustable hosel and moveable weights to promote draw and neutral ball flights. That’s not new to the metal woods market, of course, but it certainly be interesting to get Callaway’s take on the technology.

“We are particularly proud of the performance gains we have achieved while adding the benefits of adjustability within the RAZR Fit design,” said Dr. Alan Hocknell, Senior Vice President of Research & Development, Callaway Golf. “Callaway is not just entering the adjustability race with the introduction of RAZR Fit, we are taking the pole position. The adjustable features, combined with our proprietary technologies, allow golfers to play a more meaningful role than ever before in their journey to optimized performance.”

The RAZR Fit driver (suggested retail price $399) and RAZR Fit fairway woods (SRP $249) each feature Callaway’s renowned OptiFit adjustability system the company says system allows golfers to adjust the club’s face angle to three address positions: Open, Square and Closed. This adjustment is controlled within the “cog”, a rotatable element of the hosel that changes the angle of the shaft axis relative to the head. Rotating the cog enables golfers to choose a preferred look at address while also minimizing a slice or hook generated by the club’s delivery to the ball.

Because the shaft does not rotate with the cog, Callaway says shaft graphics and grip reminders remain consistent to the player’s look and feel when they adjust the face angle. In the driver’s head, OptiFit weights (one weighing 12 grams and the other 2 grams) are featured in the sole’s toe and heal positions. These are movable and can be exchanged, according to Callaway, to create a meaningful shift in the club’s center of gravity and a perceivable draw or neutral ball flight.

Callaway says the RAZR Fit driver also incorporates a proprietary innovation in aerodynamic shaping called Streamlined Surface Technology that addresses the variations in aerodynamic flow during a driver’s entire downswing—from transition through impact. More than four years in the making, the company says Streamlined Surface Technology has reduced RAZR Fit’s energy loss due to drag by 14 percent (relative to its predecessor, the RAZR Hawk Driver), despite the addition of an adjustable hosel. Callaway says this contributes to increased ball speed at impact, a critical element of driving distance.



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