Acushnet’s Titleist club sales down in Q2 and for six-month period

The Acushnet Company’s Titleist club sales are down 20.3 percent for Q2 versus Q2 of 2016 and down 15.6 percent for the six months compared to the same period a year ago.

Credit the early success of Callaway Golf’s Epic driver for blocking some of the Titleist club sales. Acusnhet COO David Maher also blamed bad weather in key markets for the sales decline – a frequent refrain among most club companies for a poor showing.


The bad weather, Maher told Wall Street analysts, “imited our ability to connect fitting to the degree we had planned for.’’

“We are confident that our 917 driver, when fit by a qualified club fitter, delivers best-in-class distance and total game performance,’’ Maher said. “Admittedly, we did not generate enough of these fittings and this is reflected in our first half performance. Our team recognizes the need to more effectively activate driver trial and fittings in this dynamic driver market.’’

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