Bridgestone Golf’s new generation eSeries balls feature dual dimples and color

Bridgestone Golf’s family of e-Series distance performance golf balls have a new member – the e7 – that the company says utilizes a high-speed multilayer design for faster ball speed resulting in longer distance on all shots. The e7 features three-piece Surlyn construction along with Bridgestone’s new Dual Dimple Technology cover.

The new 2011 e5, e6 and e7 balls will feature a street price of $26.99 per dozen and will be available beginning March 1.

The new generation of e5 and e6 golf balls also feature a Dual Dimple Technology the company says helps increase ball speed off the tee. How so? Think about the wings on an airplane.

“The wings are adjusted to a certain angle at takeoff and have to readjust to optimize their landing,’’ said Brandon Sowell, director of marketing for Bridgestone Golf. “The inner dimple (of the ball) is working to optimize the air flow at launch. By doing that it increases the speed a little bit – cuts through the air a little faster. The outer dimple shallows out the landing to get more carry and roll.’’

In addition to the Dual Dimple Technology, the next version of the e6 ball is available in what Bridgestone calls “highly-demanded optic yellow and optic orange color options. ’’ The idea, of course, is to make the balls more visible on the fairways. And it’s apparently not a gimmick. According to Sowell, Bridgestone last year conducted a poll of 10,000 consumers and asked that if their current ball were available in yellow or orange, would they play it?

“Thirty percent said ‘Yes,’’’ Sowell said. “So that led up to launch of the yellow model. The last three months of last year they were selling 65 percent to the white e6.”

Those numbers, Sowell said, encouraged Bridgestone to add the orange version of e6.

“People think they’re easier to see and, from the feedback received from the survey, people think it’s different and fun,’’ Sowell said.

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