Cobra Golf could be getting even more colorful

No doubt Rickie Fowler has raised Cobra/Puma Golf’s profile with his colorful wardrobe, especially orange, the primary color of his alma mater, Oklahoma State.

Drawing of Cobra Golf's orange driver

Cobra’s AMP line of metal woods and irons also has distinct orange flair that could become even more distinct, at least on the metals. Cobra has filed for a trademark for a metal wood with an orange crown.

According to the filing, the mark, “consists of the color orange appearing on the crown of the golf club head. The broken outline of the goods is intended to show the position of the color on the goods and forms no part of the mark, serving as positional reference only.”

The filing doesn’t say on what model the orange crown would adorn, but you have to think that if it’s approved, Cobra could come with an orange metal wood as early as next year.

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