Vice Golf introduces Pro Plus four-piece ball


Vice Golf – a pioneer in making premium golf balls and selling them over the internet at prices half that of comparable products – has introduced Pro Plus, its first four-piece ball.

Vice Golf's new Pro Plus golf ball

Vice Golf’s new Pro Plus golf ball

Designed for that wide range of amateur golfers with medium to fast club head speeds, the company says Pro Plus produces longer distance off full-swing shots, while offering outstanding control and the company’s “S2TG” (Stick To The Green) technology on and around the greens.

Vice Golf says the four-piece design includes:

  • High Energy Speed Core (HESC). The size of the core has been optimized to absorb more energy at impact, which translates to increased ball speed.
  • DuPont Surlyn Mantle. The very thin inner casing reduces spin on full shots while positively affecting ball speed, flight time, and stability in the air.
  • DuPont™ HPR Outer Casing. The outer layer is a high-performance resin that produces higher spin on short-game shots but lower spin and lower launch from faster swings.
  • Cast Urethane Cover. Half the thickness of the conventional DuPont Surlyn® cover, the Pro Plus cover gives a soft, consistent feel around the greens and is the source of the S2TG (Stick To The Green) control that helps short shots stop fast. The cover also resists yellowing in sunlight, meaning the ball will stay bright white much longer.

Vice Golf says the Pro Plus also is especially durable, meaning it will last a long time without any decay of its flying and stopping characteristics. The 336-dimple design, according to the company, keeps the ball-flight trajectory low and stable, even when hitting into the wind.

Each Pro Plus carries the Vice Golf “Keep In Line” (KIL) putting aid, an extra-long, easily visible line, developed in collaboration with Tour and teaching professionals, that helps with alignment and judging the quality of roll.

Like all Vice Golf balls, the Pro Plus, which joins the Pro, Tour, and Drive models, is sold exclusively from the company’s website,, at prices as much as half what golfers would pay for comparable balls in stores.

One dozen of the new Pro Plus cost $34.95. Buy three dozen or more and the cost drops to $29,95 per dozen, and to $24.95 per dozen for five dozen or more.

Vice Golf also offers a series of limited-edition caps commemorating the major championships and other notable events, as well as the new Pure glove. All balls can be personalized with text, logos, even photos for only a small additional charge.

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