Jim Furyk, on Video, Grinding Out a Ball Test and Switch

If you click on the title of this post, you’ll see a TaylorMade YouTube video with Jim Furyk. In the video, the figure-8-swinging tour star tries to figure out what golf ball to play. It’s a very stylish and cool black-and-white montage of the testing process, with lots of insight into what a short hitter like Furyk needs to do to keep his standoing at the heights of top-tier competition.

You say to yourself, “How awesome it would be to get free golf gear from every big equipment manufacturer and test it out to my heart’s content!”  But seriously, most of us would keel over in the practice bunker if we tried to duplicate what this tour pro did to settle on one choice, for him the Penta TP. Yeah sure it’s a promotion for the Penta TP, but in a very beautifully shot and produced short film you get inside the tour player’s mind as he strategizes for the battles ahead and chooses his weapons. Give it a spin.

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