Cobra’s AMP Cell driver line will be colorful and adjustable

Cobra Golf is getting a lot of buzz regarding its new AMP (Advanced Material Placement) Cell driver line, but consumes will have to wait until Feb. 8, 2013 to get an AMP Cell driver. The AMP Cell and AMP Cell Pro driver feature what Cobra calls “MyFly” technology, which allows golfers to select from six different loft/trajectory settings.  The AMP Cell driver will be available in four fresh colors – Silver, Directoire Blue, Barbados Red and Vibrant Orange at a shelf price of $299 (Standard), Pro ($399) and offset ($249).

Cobra's AMP Cell driver

The AMP Cell driver can be adjusted to lofts of 8.5 degrees, 9.5, 9.5 Draw, 10.5, 10.5 Draw and 11.5; the AMP Cell Pro can be adjusted to 7.5, 8.5, 8.5 Fade, 9.5, 9.5 Fade and 10.5. Golfers can now customize their club based on swing speed (higher lofts for slower swing speeds and lower lofts for faster swing speeds), weather (lower lofts to bring ball flight down on windy days) and course conditions (higher lofts for more carry).

Cobra is taking fitting a step farther with SmartPad technology. Unlike other drivers that require a golfer to adjust the sole plate after adjusting loft for a square face, the company says SmartPad technology delivers a square face at address regardless of loft setting and still allows for workability to slightly open or close the face as desired.

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