Carnahan Golf continues to sink birdies with their its putters

Carnahan Golf delivers with precision milled putters

Like most golfers, I am always in search of a new (or old) piece of equipment that will help me perform better. Because the putter is perhaps the most critical club in the bag, golfers are always looking for the newest flat stick to help them make more putts. I know golfers who have dozens of putters. I have experimented with numerous putter head designs, from face-balanced mallets to more traditional blade designs. Some manufactures have even designed entire fitting systems and head designs to match a player’s stroke. I’ve tried those, too, but I’m always drawn back to the traditional blade style putter head with a flare tip hosel that is aesthetically more pleasing to my eye. I believe that’s even more important than matching a head shape to a stroke, because if I do not like the look of the putter I am using I will not perform. Carnahan Golf, the boutique club manufacturer located in Portland, Oregon specializes in wedges and putters and makes some of the best of each in the industry. Its main putter line called “Insignia” is a line of putters. My choice is the “Steel” model that weighs in at 340 grams. Each putter has a dark gray Melonite head that provides a soft, powerful impact. That’s unique to most putters, I think, because most putters are too soft or too firm. The Insignia putters each have a very clean traditional look, which I have come to expect from Carnahan. I believe my long lasting search for the perfect putter has ended with Carnahan Golf.

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