Review: Ping Anser fairway wood

Traditional Adjustability

Ping Golf is one of the more consistent golf club manufactures in blending highly technical advances with traditional look and feel. The new line of Anser fairway woods is no different

Ping’s first attempt at the adjustable loft/clubface craze that has taken over the golf industry does not take the adjustability to the depths other companies such as TaylorMade or Nike. Instead, Ping has opted to only offer slight variations, allowing the golf club to be fine-tuned a half degree.

The Ping Anser fairway woods are also unique as the company has engineered an adjustable sleeve that is much thinner than other company. This gives the Anser fairway woods the appearance that there is no adjustability. For me, it makes the club shaft look thinner than a normal non-adjustable club. I also like the club head’s non-glare matt-black finish, as it makes the club look smaller than its actual size.

Because I have a fairway wood that performs up to my ability, finding a new one is difficult. The overall performance of the Ping Anser club was very good – it felt solid but the flight was a bit higher than I wanted, even when I adjusted the loft from the standard 14.5 degree to 14 degrees. That could have been because of the design of the head that promotes a higher ball flight and/or a combination or the Stiff shaft flex.

I am still not convinced that all the nuanced adjustability is an overall benefit to my game. The Ping Anser performed well, but not exceptionally well to the point where my current model (TourStage X-FW Type T; 14 degree) fairway wood would be replaced. However, for those golfers who are looking for a sleek, no-frills fairway wood with some adjustability, Ping Anser fairway wood line could be a great addition.

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