Review: Ping Scottsdale TR putter

Ping has revolutionized putter groove technology with their new TR line of putters which feature variable-depth grooves

With the golf industry full of clubs unique colors, adjustability, and lighter and stronger materials, Ping Golf has managed to design and develop another superior product. In an industry where putters have become the most over-talked issues in regards to the proposed anchor stoke banning, Ping Golf has returned to simplicity and produced some of their best putters to date in the Scottsdale TR (True Roll) series.

Ping revolutionized putter insert technology, with putters featuring all types of inserts ranging from metal, metallic, plastic, rubber, grooves and non-grooves. These different inserts make it difficult for golfers to understand the difference and choose the best option.

I consider myself a fairly traditional golfer who does not readily buy into all the new technological changes. And when comes to putting, I have always gravitated towards a traditional blade style club head – it fits my aesthetic preferences and my putting stroke. In addition, I am very sensitive to how a putter feels at impact – I do not respond well to putters that deliver a hard metallic, or plastic, feel.

I like putters with soft feels so I can experience the ball on the putter face longer, which is why I like the Ping Scottsdale TR  ZB S head – a traditional blade designed for strong arc strokes, according to Ping’s putter stroke fitting system.

The Midsize PP58 Cord grip is not too large and not too small, and being a player who has cord grips throughout his bag, this is a welcome addition. I was surprised at how well the putter’s variable groove pattern inserted in the face provides consistent roll and distance control of the toe, heel, and center. It’s just as advertised.

The Ping Scottsdale TR putter delivers one of the softest feels I have ever experienced in a putter. It went directly in my bag.

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