Nike Golf’s next generation 20XI balls available in February

Nike Golf has unveiled the second generation of its 20XI golf ball that featuring RZN technology resulting, according to the company, in a lighter, faster and more responsive core for better distance and control. The 20XI and 20XI X will each be available Feb. 1 and are expected to carry a shelf price of $45.99 per dozen.

Nike's 2013 20XI golf ball

Nike Golf had some production problems in making enough of the original 20XI balls available, Mike Pai, the company’s category director for golf balls, said there are no such problems with the new models.

“From a production standpoint, we’re in great shape,” Pai told me.

From a PGA Tour standpoint, Pai said that most of Nike Golf’s staff players have been playing the 20XI ball. Pai added that Nike Golf is “really confident” Tiger Woods will make the switch the next year. Woods has been testing and the playing the new ball the past couple of months. Look for Rory McIlroy to also play the new 20XI although no one from Nike Golf is ready to admit the work’s No. 1 player has a deal that takes him from the Acushnet Company’s Titleist brand to Nike Golf.

The new generation 20XI and 20XI X balls each feature more RZN to their cores and mantels than their predecessors, creating faster “engines” for better performance.

This larger, softer RZN core, according to Rock Ishii, Nike Golf’s Product Development Director for golf balls, improves feel off all shots while maintaining driver distance. The added RZN mantel, Ishii said, produces longer shots off irons while providing a softer short game feel.

This combination of core size and mantle translates into two times more RZN material than the previous generation 20XI.

“Players want irons with distance and control and into-the-wind consistency,” Ishii told me. “This ball addresses each of those issues.”

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