Kentwool launches The Graduate line of golf socks

The Graduate

The Graduate


Kentwool, which makes performance socks specifically engineered for golfers, has launched The Graduate, the sport’s first merino wool graduated compression sock.

Kentwool says The Graduate helps promote proper circulation via a compression profile that fits snuggly around the ankle and gradually loosens as it rises along the calf. The knee-high socks, according to the company, are designed to increase recirculation of blood from the foot and lower leg to the heart, helping to relieve fatigue and cramps while speeding recovery.

“Our entire collection was born from the idea of creating socks that help golfers feel and play their best,” said Mark Kent, president and CEO of Kentwool. “We’re taking that to another level by combining our signature comfort and blister-free guarantee with proven medical research to create the ultimate compression sock.”

Retailing for $40.00 and available in natural or black colors, Kent said The Graduate is exceptionally breathable to keep players comfortable in all conditions. It features the same proprietary blend of natural and high-tech performance fibers found across the entire Kentwool line. Kent said this creates an innovative, micro-climate system that provides superior cushioning, moisture management, odor defense, durability and abrasion-resistance.


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