Fister Golf offering “Try It Before You Buy It” demo program

Fister Golf's Model 1 driver

Fister Golf’s Model 1 driver


Fister Golf Company has launched a “Try It Before You Buy It” demo program it says  gives golfers a risk-free opportunity to experience the new Model I driver. If you’re like me, you’ll try the Model 1 and want to put in your bag.

Players can register to demo the Model I driver on  The “Try It Before You Buy It” demo program provides nearly 30 days for the consumer to put the Model I through its paces on the range or course before deciding to purchase one.   The Model 1, designed by long-drive champion Sean “The Beast” Fister, is as good – if not better – than any driver on the market today and best of all, good for players of all skill levels.

“The biggest challenge for emerging golf companies is getting their product in the hands of golfers,” said Fister, the company’s founder and president. “We feel that this new demo program should help Fister Golf alleviate that issue, as we’re willing to ship a driver to consumers just so they can experience the unparalleled performance of the Model I.  It has been our experience that when golfers hit the Model I, they buy it.  So we’re willing to go the extra mile to get the club in golfers’ hands.”


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