Miura’s New Series wedges combine performance and style

Miura's New Series wedges

Miura’s New Series wedges


Let’s put it out there. I love wedges. To me, wedges are the most beautiful clubs in a golf bag. They’re also the most important clubs in the bag because the best way to score is to have a good short game. As a player – particularly an average player – gets older, good wedges and a good short game each become more important.

So with those two things in mind, let me introduce you to the New Series wedges from Miura. Forged wedges don’t get any better than these – solid, crisp, accurate and easy to control from the fairway and around the green.

The New Series wedges are available in odd-numbered lofts from 51 to 59 degrees, which gives players different choices than the standard even-numbered wedges. I have New Series 53- and 57-degree wedges, each featuring a low carbon mild steel club head that gives each wedge a soft feel. Each wedge also has the hand grinding one has come to expect from a Miura wedge.

In addition, each wedge has the look of a classic forged wedge. It’s an understated look that is a trademark of each Miura iron.

Look carefully and you’ll see the offset changes in each club.  That is, the offset is slightly higher in the 51-degree wedge but decreases as loft goes up. The 57- and 59-degree models each have a small amount of onset, another example of the subtle of Miura’s master design work.

On the course, the 53-degree New Series Wedge is my favorite.  I can routinely hit it from 110 yards with ease and accuracy. Best of all, I can hit it anywhere from within 110 yards equally as easy, whether choking down for a full swing or knocking down a shot from 60 or 70 yards. Everybody should have a club they can hit falling out of bed – the 53 is that club for me.

The 57-degree wedge performs well, too. It’s excellent for me for distances of up to 85 yards – sort of a “gap” wedge before I get to my 60-degree wedge.

Each wedge carries a suggested retail price of $235. Yes, that’s kind of steep for a wedge – but find an authorized Miura dealer/fitter in your area and give a New Series wedge a try. After all, a good wedge is worth almost any price.

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