Ping’s nFlightMotion device records swing variables


Ping Golf, which always has been at the forefront of custom fitting, has introduced what it calls “nFlight Motion,’’ which recommends driver-fitting specifications for golfers after only three shots using Ping software and an Apple iPhone or iPod in conjunction with a swing analyzer.

There are similar devices on the market, but nFlightMotion is the first from a major equipment company. I’m betting it won’t be the last.

Ping Golf has a new custom fit tool

Ping Golf has a new custom fit tool

The small, lightweight swing analyzer attaches to the shaft directly below the grip and, according to Ping Golf, records a range of swing variables, including club head speed, transition, and shaft lean at impact, which are analyzed through the software to make loft and shaft recommendations for each model. The shot data is transmitted to a fitter’s Apple iPhone or iPod, which graphically depicts the results and applies the specifications to various Ping driver models. After an initial recommendation for loft and shaft, fitters can use Ping’s Shaft Visualization Chart to consider additional shafts from Ping and other manufacturers. The device also provides a 3D representation of the entire swing.

“With nFlight Motion, fitters can perform a precise Ping fitting in a timely manner using a few key swing variables that make the process easy and extremely reliable,” said Ping Chairman John A. Solheim. “It’s simple to set up and operate. In only a few minutes, fitters can recommend the best loft and shaft for various Ping  driver models. The ability to send swing data wirelessly to a mobile device represents an exciting evolution of our nFlight Fitting Software and nFlight Mobile technology. It gives fitters one more innovative tool for growing their business and helping golfers play better and enjoy the game more.”

nFlight Motion, developed by Ping’s in-house software development team, utilizes the company’s nFlight app, which can be downloaded from the App Store. To operate, it requires an iPhone 4 (or newer), or an iPod touch 5th generation (or newer) running Apple iOS 7 (or newer).

Solheim said nFlight Motion’s 3D swing playback, viewable from multiple angles, affords an opportunity to personalize the fit further.

“For the player, it’s educational to observe your swing from a new perspective,’’ Solheim said. “And the fitter is able to analyze the swing in greater detail, then make club recommendations designed to optimize each player’s unique mechanics.’’


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