Gauge Design Golf lets the (G2) Big Dog loose


Gauge Design Golf’s new G2 Big Dog Mallet Putter is now available for $350. Gauge Golf Design founder and president David Whitlam is one of the industry’s top putter and wedge designers, and he’s created the G2 Big Dog as a CNC milled mid-mallet putter made of 303 stainless steel. The putter features a sightline on the flange, a slightly thinner top line, and big dog paw prints on the sole.

Gauge Golf's G2 Big Dog Putter

Gauge Golf’s G2 Big Dog Putter

The G2 Big Dog Putter is milled from a solid chunk of 303 stainless steel, with a head weight of 365 grams. It comes standard with a 70-degree lie, 3.5-degree loft, and is available in lengths from 32 inches to 36 inches.


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