Adams Golf introducing Ghost Slot Technology in Tight Lies fairway woods, hybrids


Adams Golf on Oct. 1 will unveil the fifth generation of its Slot Technology in its new Tight Lies fairway woods and hybrids. In contrast to previous models designed with a sole slot and a crown slot for maximum performance, the company said these 2015 products are enhanced by a new Ghost Slot Technology that which masks the crown slot to create a clean look at address.

Adams Golf's new Tight Lies fairway wood

Adams Golf’s new Tight Lies fairway wood

The finished product, according to Adams Golf, is a design appealing to more golfers without sacrificing performance. Adams Golf the past few years has created some of the hottest and longest fairway woods on the market.

The Ghost Slot Technology, according to Adams Golf, is a new crown slot that is nearly invisible and features a refined “barbell” cut-thru slot design, which reduces stress on the face while creating even faster ball speeds and higher launch than previous slot iterations.

The new Tight Lies fairway woods retain Adams Golf’s signature “upside-down head shape” and tri-sole. , which help separate it from other fairway woods. The features are being used to create the first ever Tight Lies hybrid. Adams Golf said the upside down shaping and the low-profile design produces a lower center of gravity (CG) and higher launch.

The Tight Lies Titanium fairway wood, Adams Golf said, featuring a titanium face and crown with a stainless steel sole. By using a titanium construction and the new Ghost Slot Technology, Adams Golf said it has created a fairway wood that reaches the USGA’s limit on spring-like effect.

Tight Lies stainless steel fairway woods and hybrids will come stock with the KuroKage graphite shaft by Mitsubishi Rayon. Tight Lies Titanium will feature the Mitsubishi Bassara Eagle Series graphite shaft.

Tight Lies fairway woods and hybrids will carry a suggested retail price of $199.99 and $179.99, respectively. Tight Lies Titanium will have a retail price of $249.99.


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