Devereux brings “Proper Threads” to golf apparel

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to break out the golf wardrobe for summer and even into the fall. As always, there are a lot of apparel companies to choose from. I generally try to add a fresh-faced company to my closet once or twice per year.

This time around it’s Devereux, founded by brothers Robert and Will Brunner, who have what they call a “Proper Threads,’’ attitude and look to the golf apparel industry. The “Proper Threads’’ look is a terrific mix of traditional and standard cuts and looks that are designed for wear on and off the golf course. Danny Lee, a rising star on the PGA Tour, last year signed on to wear Devereux apparel.

The 72 Collection from Devereux

The 72 Collection from Devereux

Not too flashy and not too conservative might be a good way to describe the Devereux lines of shirts, pants, shorts and sweaters.

“We want to make clothes that make the transition from the golf course to a night on the town,’’ said Robert Brunner, the company’s creative director. “Our line is designed to transcend on and off course styles, but we never sacrifice on course performance in our fabrication.  Every piece of clothing can be worn on or off the course, and that is one of the ways we’re unique in the market.  That is the beauty of the Devereux collection.’’

Devereux’s 72 Collection is a great example of Brunner’s words. The Collection feature modern polos in some striking color arrangements, as well as the company’s first foray into performance shirts. My favorite? The single-color Andrew Polo with a two-button placket that looks good alone and under a sports coat.

I’m not a stripes guy, but even I like the two-tone chest stripes in the Cole line of shirts. The stripes aren’t too bold and fit in well with shirt design instead of simply looking like an afterthought as they do on some company’s tops.

Regardless of the design, however, each shirt in the 72 Collection fits well. For those who like a little extra room, the shirts are roomy with being baggy; and for those who want a closer fit, the shirts provide that, too, but without restricting movement.

“We study trend very closely and as a result we understand the market and its needs very clearly,’’ Brunner said. “We like to design our line based on what clubs and other retailers desire – based on the trend of the market.’’

Given a few more years, Devereux could be setting the trend.


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