USGA’s Davis off base on variable distance golf ball

United States Golf Association – USGA Executive Director Mike Davis still doesn’t get it.

He recently said at a golf innovation conference that a “variable distance ball” might be considered as “only an alternative for golf’s future” and that (ball) distance is a concern for the game’s future.

What a bunch of crap. If Davis were telling the truth, he’d say that golf ball distance is only a concern for the game’s elite players and the USGA’s men’s U.S. Open.

Other than those, golf ball distance is no threat to game’s rank and file future. There have been approximately 800 golf course closings in the U.S. in the past decade, but I can guarantee you not one closed because it was obsoleted by golf ball distance.

The real concern for golf’s future should be the arrogance of the USGA.


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