Toulon Design opens Toulon Garage for custom-fitting putters


Toulon Design, a putter company founded by former TaylorMadeGolf Executive Vice President Sean Toulon, has launched its tour-inspired Toulon Garage custom putter program.  Toulon Design ( debuted earlier this year with a focus on what it calls “ultra-premium, high-performance putters’’ for Tour professionals, club professionals and amateurs who seek the highest quality and performance.

Toulon Design has developed an eight-step process for custom fitting putters

Toulon Design has developed an eight-step process for custom fitting putters

“Toulon Design putters combine precise engineering quality, born through the use of aerospace and defense-inspired manufacturing techniques, painstaking attention to each and every detail, and freshly conceived technologies that will deliver profound feel, sound, and ultimately, improved roll,” Sean Toulon said. “We confidently believe our putters have raised the bar not only for magnificent beauty, but also for best-in-class performance.

As we have worked with Touring professionals from around the globe it has become increasingly evident that we needed to expand our custom capabilities to better suit the player’s individual needs.  Toulon Garage leverages our unique capabilities and allows us to quickly make world-class putters specifically designed for the individual.  As we began making these putters for some of the world’s greatest players, it was only natural to expand the concept to serious golfers everywhere.’’

Toulon said the company, based in Vista, Calif., has designed an eight-step process that mimics exactly how it interact with a Tour player.  The steps are:

Step 1 – Pick your head

For the Toulon Garage grand opening a golfer will be able to pick from three head styles – The Madison, San Diego or Rochester blades.  The heads vary in size and shape and different players tend to prefer different styles.  With the Garage you can decide exactly what YOU want.

Step 2 – Pick your hosel

Now a golfer can pair his or her preferred head design with a hosel that best suits their stroke.

“This is an important part — and almost totally overlooked – part of making a putter fit both the golfer’s eye and a particular or desired stroke path,’’ Toulon said. “We offer three different hosel designs – a standard plumber’s neck, a long-neck plumber’s neck both with full-shaft offsets, and a short flow-neck with a half-shaft offset. These hosel designs create very different toe hangs and therefore change the way the putter head will flow with the golfer’s stroke.’’

Step 3 – Pick your finish

This step allows the player to pick from three different finishes to create a putter that looks as good as it performs.  Toulon Design offers heads in Tour Satin Mist silver, a Black Pearl Satin and Rose Gold Satin finishes.

Step 4 –  Pick your alignment features

Some golfers use lines or dots to align properly, and some want nothing at all.

Step 5 – Pick your paint fill and stampings

In this step a golfer can begin to personalize your putter to reflect his or her personal tastes.

Step 6 – Pick your grip

Toulon Design has variety of grips available in the garage.

Step 7 – Pick your shaft

Stepless, stepped, chrome, black or almost anything color.

Step 8 – Pick your specs

Each Toulon Design putter is adjustable for weight using the company’s sole plate designs that allow for the weight of the head to vary from 352 grams to 385 grams. Golfers will be able to fill in loft, lie and length specs.

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