Nike Golf launching Method MOD putter line in November

Nike Golf's new Method MOD putter

Nike Golf’s new Method MOD putter


Nike Golf’s new line of Method putters will be available Nov. 1. The company says the Method MOD putters combines tradition and innovation in “tech-savvy” milled putters that each an arc design profile, red detailing and satin chrome finish.

“We were able to take a range of classic designs and make them perform like modern putters,” said David Franklin, Nike Golf’s master model maker. “We incorporated Polymetal Groove technology, which allows athletes to lift the ball, launch it and turn it forward as quickly as possible for a truer roll.  We removed weight from the center, placing it in the heel and toe instead for a lower and deeper center of gravity. It’s Nike’s interpretation on classic, familiar shapes.”

Franklin said each Nike Method MOD putter (suggested retail price $299) is weighted to length to ensure proper feel, and the line offers a range of toe hang options determined by where the weight is in relationship to the putter head. Franklin said this allows players to choose a model to his or her personal preference for optimal forgiveness, roll and accuracy: MOD 00 (face-balanced); MOD 30 (30 degrees of toe hang); MOD 60 (60 degrees of toe hang); and MOD 90, (90 degrees of toe hang).


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