Bridgestone shows its made-in-America pride


Bridgestone Golf is offering a limited edition limited edition version of its popular e6 golf ball to celebrate that all of Bridgestone’s premium golf ball lines are now manufactured in the United States.

Bridestone's Limited Edition e6 golf ball

Bridestone’s Limited Edition e6 golf ball

While it has manufactured certain ball models in the U.S. for years, this past February, the company transitioned manufacturing all of its premium balls from Japan to its North America headquarters in Covington, Ga. To celebrate the move, Bridgestone’s Limited Edition USA e6 features an outline of the U.S. map filled with an American Flag-like pattern emblazoned on each ball.

The e6, by the way, is the best-selling of Bridgestone’s e-line of balls.

The Limited Edition USA e6 golf ball carries a street price of $26.99 per dozen.

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