Cobra Golf tour tech van at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

The new Golf Performance Institute at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in Carlsbad, Calif., is now the exclusive home for the Cobra Golf company’s Equipment Fitting & Technology Analysis Services. The Cobra tour tech van, known as the “Snake Pit,” has taken up full-time residency at the La Costa practice facility, parked only a few blocks from Cobra world headquarters.

Cobra Golf's tour tech van

Cobra Golf’s tour tech van

“Our partnership with Cobra golf adds a special quality to the programs we are offering,” said A.J. Avoli, director of the Omni La Costa Golf Performance Institute (GPI). “The expertise that Cobra provides and access to the latest technology is an essential element to complete the golf lifestyle we offer the Omni La Costa members and guests.”

Presiding over the “Snake Pit” is Cobra’s Justin Wilson, a master club fitting specialist with several years of experience working with professional players, both on the PGA Tour and at the renowned Kingdom at Reynolds Plantation in Georgia. At Omni La Costa, Wilson is equipped to fit golfers for new clubs, as well as retrofit their current clubs.

“Everything that I could do on Tour, I can do here at the Snake Pit,” Wilson said.

Cobra offers a variety of fitting options for every level of player with the latest technologies in 3D motion capture for club and body, as well as 3d Doppler radar for ball tracking.

The GPI, introduced in January, brings together many different and important disciplines to address the needs of each golfer, designed through a holistic approach to improvement that reflects the resort’s “Mind, Body, Sport” philosophy.

The GPI incorporates golf fitness and wellness programs – with Premier Fitness Center located adjacent to the practice range and the Chopra Center also right on property.

“The mission of the GPI is to enrich golfers’ passion for the game in a variety of ways,” Avoli said, “while helping them play better and have more fun on the course. Technology, in regard to equipment and swing analysis, obviously plays a significant role in how we can accomplish our goals.”



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