FootJoy debuts FreeStyle line of golf shoes

FootJoy’s colorful new FreeStyle golf show line will be available beginning next month at a suggested retail price of $190 per pair ($210 Boa Closure System). FreeStyle shoes, according to the company, help generate maximum power by providing greater freedom of movement throughout the golf swing.

FootJoy's new FreeStyle golf shoe

FootJoy’s new FreeStyle golf shoe

Through internal testing, FootJoy says, it has been determined that some players can benefit from structured, stable shoes (like ICON Black and DryJoys Tour) to help quiet their lower half and maintain control while maximizing performance, yet this testing also found there are others who want to be able to roll uninhibited throughout their swing. Freedom of movement for these types of players, according to FootJoy, equates to increased power and the construction of the Freestyle shoes deliver the most mobile characteristics of any category in the FJ lineup.

“FreeStyle is arguably FootJoy’s most imaginative and distinctive shoe ever and will particularly help golfers who would benefit from increased freedom of movement when swinging the golf club,” said Doug Robinson, FJ Vice President of Design and Development Worldwide. “By drawing inspiration from a tree frog and emulating their incredible grip and flexibility properties
in the texture and functional elements of an outsole, our design and development team has created something truly unique in the golf shoe market.”

While FreeStyle allows for a more natural movement, Robinson said the shoe doesn’t compromise on grip – a crucial factor in generating more power. The inspiration for this supreme grip, according to Robinson, comes from a Red-Eyed Tree Frog who
generates incredible gripping power on any surface; hence the birth of F.R.O.G.S. outsole technology, where traction elements increase ground contact points throughout the swing in all weather and underfoot conditions.

Robinson said F.R.O.G.S. Technology incorporates a flexible new “SoftMax’’ translucent outsole that offers both a softer feel and extra grip, while a new FTFTM 3.0 midsole compound is the brand’s softest and most comfortable yet. The Softspikes Tour LockTM system and new translucent Pulsar cleats deliver exceptional low-profile grip with a dynamic, frog-like flex.

Beneath the upper is an InnerSokTM Fit System – including both TongueLok and HeelLok mechanisms – to help hold the foot securely in place throughout the golf swing.


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