Bridgestone J15 fairways, hybrids coming Feb. 1


Bridgestone Golf will debuts its J15 fairway woods and hybrids at next week’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando. The company says the fairway woods and hybrids “utilize true innovations that ensure optimized ball flight and more distance from a variety of lies’’

Bridgestone's J15F fairway wood

Bridgestone’s J15F fairway wood

“The R&D team at Bridgestone takes great pride in offering clubs with true innovation,” said Josh Kinchen, golf clubs and accessories marketing manager for Bridgestone Golf. “We want consumers to know that when Bridgestone introduces a new product to the market, that product is bringing something unique and worthwhile to the industry. Our new fairway woods and hybrids are no exception to that rule, featuring a multitude of technologies that allow these critical clubs to play the role they are intended to play – high launching distance with soft landings and the ability to be played from anywhere including the tee, fairway, rough and even greenside.”

Kinchen said the improved distance afforded in the J15F Fairway Woods and the J15HY Hybrids can be attributed to several key technologies:

  1. F.A.S.T Crown
  • The Flex Action Speed Technology (F.A.S.T.) crown comprised of High Strength AM355 Maraging Steel is thin near the clubface and progressively thickens towards the clubhead rear.  This technology enables the crown to slightly flex at impact creating higher launch angles and extreme ball velocities through increased spring like effect.


  1. Hyper Stainless 455 Steel Face
  • The clubfaces of the fairway woods and hybrids are made from Hyper Stainless 455 Steel, which allows for the thinnest face ever by Bridgestone at 1.8mm for maximum repulsion within conforming rules.


  1. Weighted Port Technology
  • An adjustable weight system in the sole of the fairway woods and hybrids allows the player to influence desired spin and trajectory for maximum distance and control.


The versatility of the J15F fairways and hybrids, according to Kinchon, are the results from two key design modifications while still maintaining the clean and classic appearance that Bridgestone has become known for:


  1. Reduced Heel Profile
  • By removing material from the heel of the club, the Bridgestone R&D Team has engineered a profile that creates less drag, in all lies, for improved versatility.


  1. Sole Profile
  • The rear sole of the club has been lowered to streamline the design creating a sweeping action when the club meets the turf, thereby eliminating digging and enhancing playability from any lie.


The J15F fairway wood is available in 13.5, 15 and 18-degrees of loft with the 15 and 18-degree offerings also available in left-hand versions.  The J15F fairway wood will be available at retail Feb. 1 with a street price of $199 each.

The J15HY Hybrid is available in 17, 19, 21 and 23-degrees of loft with the 21 and 23-degree lofts also available in left-hand versions. The J15HY Hybrid will be available at retail Feb. 1 with a street price of $189 each.

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