The perception of game improvement irons.

The "true"game improvement irons

I contend that despite popular belief in the golf industry that a blade or muscle back iron –is more of a game improvement iron than a “cavity back” iron. A blade or muscle back club each have a smaller sweet spot, higher center of gravity and are deemed more difficult to hit. Since the 1980’s club manufactures have been redesigning their clubs to be larger and more forgiving, which in theory should improve a golfer’s performance. 

Every golfer wants to hit the ball farther and straighter. With today’s technology this is becoming easier. With a lower centers of gravity and larger sweet spots, irons are certainly more forgiving. But are these good for golfers? Despite these perceived improvements in club technology the average handicap in the U.S. has not significantly decreased in approximately 50 years.
I believe the new advances in design and technology have created a culture of golfers who are not improving. The cavity back iron has allowed golfers to practice less and not develop the capacity to swing the club more efficiently.
True game improvement irons are blades or muscle back designed clubs. Even though they are more penal to use, I believe that if a golfer truly wants to improve, playing with these clubs will force him or her to focus on improving their swing rather than allowing a golf club assist and creating a crutch for a poor golf swing.

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