Swing guru Cowen says Westwood hurt by high-tech equipment

Lee Westwood

Pete Cowen isn’t a household name in the U.S., but in Europe, Cowan is recognized as one of the Continent’s top swing coaches, whose best known pupil is world No. 3 Lee Westwood. That’ why when Cowen talk about golf technology, it’s always good to listen.

Understand that Westwood is one of the best bell strikers in the world – especially with a driver in his hands. Cowen, however, believes that today’s equipment technology is working against his man.

“The modern game actually hurts Lee in terms of his driving,” Cowen recently told the Scotsman.com. “You used to be able to win tournaments by driving it great like he does. Ian Woosnam did that. So did Nick Price. And Greg Norman. In comparison, the poor drivers couldn’t get round the courses. But the game at the top level isn’t like that any more. Because of the technology, everyone is a decent driver, almost to the point where the art of driving has been lost. So there is even more pressure on the putting.

“I’d love to see these guys out there with persimmon woods and balata balls. Not on 7,500-yard courses mind; no one would get round. But on a 7,000-yard course the superior driver would have the opportunity to separate himself from the rest. In those circumstances Lee would win far more often than he does now.”



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