Bushnell’s Pro 1M laser rangefinder a favorite on the PGA Tour

Here’s another example of how technology helps golfers – and it has nothing to do with club heads, grooves or golf balls. When you watch a PGA Tour event, say the final round of today’s Players Championship, don’t think the caddies are just guessing about yardage. Chances are they’re been out earlier in the week – or even that same day – with a laser rangefinder.

Busnell's Pro 1M laser rangefinder

Bushnell has been the top distance measuring device on Tour for the past several years, with players such as Rickie Fowler using them (in practice rounds) to dial in exact yardages.

Bushnell’s latest laser rangefinder is the Pro 1M laser rangefinder that has ranging capabilities of up to 1 mile (550+ yards to a flag), Vivid Display Technology and digital readout information in all lighting conditions and unprecedented accuracy.


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