Lamkin’s Grip Fitting Centers help players get a custom grip on their games

Here’s one part of custom club fitting you don’t think about but should give it as much consideration as shaft flex and loft lie. It’s getting a good grip – in this case a good custom grip. Few things can make your swing go south faster than having a grip – on any club – that doesn’t fit your hand. Basically, if a grip doesn’t fit your hand it doesn’t fit your swing.

Lamkin's Grip Fitting Center

To remedy that problem, Lamkin Grips is installing Grip Fitting Centers at more than 70 Golfsmith stores nationwide. The fitting centers, of course, serve a couple of purposes. One is to make sure players get the proper grips; the other is to promote the Lamkin line of grips. Nothing wrong with that. Lamkin makes some of the better grips in the industry.

Each Lamkin Grip Fitting Center measures two factors: hand size and finger length. Those two measurements help identify a golfer’s optimal grip size for comfort and performance. Golfers then select from one of more than ten grip sizes within the display that can be further customized with additional layers of tape, if necessary.

“A grip is the only point of contact between the player and the club, so if the fit isn’t perfect, the swing suffers,” said Lamkin Chief Executive Officer Bob Lamkin. “With the right fit, you build consistency, control and improved play. I challenge anyone playing with standard-issue grips to regrip just one club and compare. The difference is compelling.”

Lamkin has expanded its grip collection to include Undersize, Midsize, Standard and Oversize – each of which can be adjusted to a perfect custom fit with additional layers of tape.

“The right golf grip will feel comfortable, fit properly and ultimately, help you control your club,” Lamkin said. “Golfers should look at grips the way they do their shoes – if the fit isn’t just right, the game will suffer. Re-gripping to your proper size is the most economical way to dramatically change your game for the better.”



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