Bushnell’s new Tour Z6 laser rangefinder is small and accurate

Bushnell's Tour V6 rangefinder

Just as cell phones are getting smaller, so are rangefinders. Bushnell’s new Tour Z6 rangefinder easily fits in the palm of your hand and comes equipped with the company’s new Vivid Display Technology and E.S.P. technologies.

The Tour Z6 (suggested retail price $399) it’s so small and so good it might even make an old-school guy like me consider using it.

The smallest golf laser rangefinder Bushnell has ever developed, the Tour Z6 is a vertically configured version of Bushnell’s popular line of laser rangefinders that introduces Vivid Display Technology. Created specifically for Bushnell’s premium rangefinders, the company says Vivid Display Technology  improves contrast, clarity and light transmission.

The brightness of the digital readout information has also been increased, providing rapid, positive yardage acquisition in all lighting conditions. That’s good in the bright sun or even on a dark afternoon.

Bushnell says E.S.P technology – Extreme. Speed. Precision – on the Tour  Z6 provides yardage faster and more accurately than ever before. E.S.P.  also provides ½ yard accuracy from 5-125 yards, and the distance is displayed to 1/10 plus/minus of a yard.

Now if only I can hit it that close.


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