Golf Buddy Voice is one of year’s smallest and best products

One of the best products in golf this year is one of the

The Golf Buddy Voice

smallest. It’s the Golf Buddy Voice, the world’s first talking GPS rangefinder. I’ve never been big on gadgets, but I love this one. The Golf Buddy Voice (suggested retail price $199) I about the size of an iPod shuffle and comes preloaded with 33,000 golf courses. The device can hold up to 40,000 courses.

The Golf Buddy Voice is unobtrusive to your game in that it clips to the brim of a cap, visor or belt. Press a button and the device provides the yardage distance to the front, center and back of the green. That’s about all most average players need to know because they can’t consistently dial in their irons and wedges much closer than that.

Perhaps best of all, the Voice is 100 percent fee-free with no annual subscriptions or course download charges to pay after purchase.

Sounds good to me.


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