Ogio’s Chamber golf bag offers silent club protection

Ogio's Chamber golf bag

Ogio always has been an innovator in golf bags. The Chamber bag might be its best yet. The Chamber features the Silencer Club Protection System that has 14 individual compartments that incorporate a protective membrane to center and gently hold the club’s shaft.

The system keeps your clubs from banging and clanging on the back of a golf car and holds them securely in place if your bag is dropped or even turned upside down.

In addition to the Silencer Club Protection System, the Chamber features ZBP (Zipperless Ball Pocket) allows for one-handed access to the pocket’s contents. The ZBP is almost as cool at the Silencer system.

The Chamber also has a weather-resistant, fleece-lined valuables pocket, insulated cooler pocket, umbrella containment system and a snap on, zippered rain cover. The Chamber is selling at retail in the $250 range.


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