Exotics XRail fairway woods latest in line of hot metals from Tour Edge

Tour Edge Golf’s Exotics line of fairway woods and hybrids each have the hottest faces on the market. Just hit one and judge for yourself. A good club in that regard might be the new Exotics Xrail fairway wood that features a wide diamond rail and V‐shaped sole that guides the clubface into a square position at impact.

Exotics Xrail fairway wood

By placing 15 percent more weight in the heel and toeareas than its predecessor, Tour Edge says the Xrail produces a higher moment of inertia for enhanced stability on off-center hits, while the V‐shaped sole design minimizes divots from heavy lies and lowers the Xrail’s center of gravity so it’s easy to get shots up in the air – as if Exotics metals weren’t already easy to hit.

As with other Exotics fairway woods, the Xrail features multi‐metal construction combining a hypersteel body with a thin Carpenter steel face. To generate longer shots, the Xrail features variable face thickness and utilizes CAD frequency analysis to make the club more efficient. Tour Edge says this computer‐aided design technique perfectly determines the club head’s inner architecture and wall thickness to enhance performance for greater forgiveness, longer shots, and better feel.

The Xrail fairway woods ($179 each) are available in lofts of 13 degrees, 13 degrees (strong), 16.5 degrees, 18 degrees and 21 degrees.



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